Donald Trump has enjoyed the top spot nationally for the past three months. Today that changes in a new CBS/NYTimes poll.
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Out of 3 million Syrian refugees we now have a case of 1 being a terrorist. Out of 100 million gun owners in America, this year alone 325 have committed mass shootings. When you do the math, an America gun owner is almost 10 times more likely to commit a mass shooting than a refugee is of being a terrorist. Are we really concerned about safety?

Donald Trump waded into the Starbucks non-controversy over their holiday cups yesterday, saying "maybe we should boycott". All that total silliness aside, he said something else that was really troubling.  "If I become president, we're all going to be saying 'Merry Christmas' again. That I can tell you. That I can tell you!" Trump told the crowd. Last I checked Christmas was a Christian holiday and our government is forbidden from establishment of religion under the First Amendment of our Constitution. So basically Trump has just said that he won't defend the Constitution of the United States, violating an oath of office before even having a chance to take it. Hopefully he will get pressed on that tonight during the debate, but being Fox Business, I highly doubt it. 


Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama told a radio host this week he would impeach Hillary Clinton on day 1, a claim she has called "pathetic." But here's the thing. The Constitution states that impeachment can only incur if "high crimes or misdemeanors" are committed. So Mo Brooks is saying that the Democratic front runner has committed some sort of crime. Under law, when you know a crime is being/has been committed you are required to report it. Has Mo Brooks reported this alleged crime? If not, then perhaps he should be investigated by law enforcement for a failure to report. 

Well I guess he isn't such a "money maker". News just broke that he is doing drastic salary cuts for his campaign across the board. I think two words best describe this, "last throes". 

Every single time a Republican brings up a diplomatic/embassy attack from previous years, it's always one from the 90's, while Bill Clinton was President. It's as though no embassy or diplomatic station has ever been attacked during a Republican Presidency. Of course that chart above paints a different story...

A Fox news regular was just indicted on charges stemming from his employment with Fox News that should really call into question the practices of Fox "news".
Now that America was finally able to hear the Democratic candidates debate the issues, it's time to look at who won.
People really need to stop the Boehner pity party and realize that his demise was brought by his own hand.
A lot of attention was given yestreday to Trump's hired goons removing Univion anchor Jorge Ramos from his press conference. But this has silenced an amazing idea Trump had.
The Huffington Post has gone down hill over the past severatl years, but it has reached a new low with what can only be described as a "whoa is me, police abused me too" post.
If you have been stuck in a cave somewhere, you may have missed all the blow up the past few days over comments Donald Trump has made about John McCain. But is what he's saying that far off from what Republicans really think?
After spending the past several years embracing his crazy birther rants and media whoring, the Republican Party has realized they've created a monster in Donald Trump. Now how to stop it?
An interesting story in our local news got me thinking this on this Independence Day, the serious disconnect people have with severity.
Since the SCOTUS dealt some major defeats to the rights agenda last week, Ted Cruz has been on the war path.
Today the sister of the alleged victim of Hastert's sexual abuse spoke to ABC news. In it, she said something that really leaves me wondering.
There is one issue that candidates seem to ignore, one that costs the tech world an estimated $29 billion per year. Bernie Sanders is the perfect candidate to take on this issue and right a horrible wrong.
The possible additional occupant of the 2016 GOP clown car, Ohio Governor John Kasich, has now weighed in on the Iraq issue.