It has been a very interesting 24 hours, but now major news outlets are reporting that a deal has been reached between the DNC and Sanders campaign and his access to voter data will be restored in the morning. Interesting enough this was announced not long before the judge was going to hear the case. I've read the complaint and the agreement that the DNC is saying Sanders violated and determined that if it went to court that Sanders would easily win. The big if was rather or not a judge would get into an inner-party fight, which they traditionally don't. It sounds like the DNC saw a losing battle ahead and decided to call it quits. 

As threatened this afternoon, the Bernie Sanders campaign has filed lawsuit in federal court to regain access to voter information. A key part in the complaint, which was also used by Debbie Wassermann Schultz today to justify their actions, addressees termination for violations and says:

the non-breaching party sends written notice to the breaching party describing the breach; and the breaching party does not cure the breach to the satisfaction of the non-breaching party within ten (10) calendar days following its receipt of such notice

That right there sounds like a nail in the coffin for any argument the DNC might try to make in court. You can read the full complain here (PDF file)

Why You Should Worry About The DNC Data Breach

While a lot of attention has been given to what Bernie Sanders campaign has gone through since the news of the DNC data breach, very little has been given to what the actual Democratic voters should be thinking.

Following the news of the DNC cutting off Sander's access to voter data, the Sanders campaign has just announced that if their access to the data is not immediately restored, then they will be in federal court this afternoon. To put this into perspective, the data they are now denied access to includes data that the Sanders campaign has collected through their volunteers and has paid NGP-VAN, over $48,000 as of September this year, to store and access. 

Why Is The DNC Trusting A Company That Ignores Security With Their Data?

With news that the Sanders campaign has been suspended from accessing vital voter information from the DNC, it's time to look into the real culprit of the scandal.

Martine Shkreli, the 'pharma bro' who made news this summer when his company bought the rights to a life saving medication and raised the price from $13 to $750 per pill was arrested this morning for federal securities fraud, stemming from an unrelated business. Now if we could just arrest him for price gouging the most vulnerable, but that would require a law and our Republican Congress has shown they don't care about the people, especially the vulnerable. 


Leave it to the right's most cherished and vile online news source to make the holiday's biggest shopping year about race.

Out of 3 million Syrian refugees we now have a case of 1 being a terrorist. Out of 100 million gun owners in America, this year alone 325 have committed mass shootings. When you do the math, an America gun owner is almost 10 times more likely to commit a mass shooting than a refugee is of being a terrorist. Are we really concerned about safety?

Donald Trump waded into the Starbucks non-controversy over their holiday cups yesterday, saying "maybe we should boycott". All that total silliness aside, he said something else that was really troubling.  "If I become president, we're all going to be saying 'Merry Christmas' again. That I can tell you. That I can tell you!" Trump told the crowd. Last I checked Christmas was a Christian holiday and our government is forbidden from establishment of religion under the First Amendment of our Constitution. So basically Trump has just said that he won't defend the Constitution of the United States, violating an oath of office before even having a chance to take it. Hopefully he will get pressed on that tonight during the debate, but being Fox Business, I highly doubt it. 

Ben Carson's Caught In Biggest Lie Yet

Lie after lie after lie. Ben Carson has turned into a total fabrication. Could this latest one end his campaign?

Trump Falls Nationally

Donald Trump has enjoyed the top spot nationally for the past three months. Today that changes in a new CBS/NYTimes poll.


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