I enjoy celebrating our independence every year, as well as enjoy the fireworks displays. Here in Ohio, we aren't allowed to let off fireworks, but we do have some great displays in our local towns. Of course the law banning fireworks doesn't stop people from setting them off. At 1:00 this morning I still had people around me letting off super loud mortars. That got me to thinking. We hear about towns being so financially hurt in Ohio, so why don't they do a revenue increase by enforcing the laws on fireworks? Sure, you might be thinking I'm a scrooge, and hey I love letting them off too. But if law enforcement would just go after those firing off their poppers at all hours of the night then the towns will get a little more money and the law-abiding, or at least courteous citizens will get some decent sleep. 

If We Treated Marijuana Like Guns

An interesting story in our local news got me thinking this on this Independence Day, the serious disconnect people have with severity.

Now that marriage equality is the law of the land, the vitriolic right-wing preachers are calling for punishments we always equate with Islamic law, namely the stoning to death of same sex couples and people who officiate their weddings. Yes, these hate-filled bastards are that much of a cancer on our society. 

Dear Ted Cruz. Stop With The Drama Queen

Since the SCOTUS dealt some major defeats to the rights agenda last week, Ted Cruz has been on the war path.

Jim Obergefell, was the main plaintiff in the case today that legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states. He's also a fellow Cincinnatian, and seeing this picture of the Cincinnati sign outside of our convention center tonight...well it's just truly breath taking. 

SCOTUS has just handed down the much anticipated ruling on the Obamacare case on subsidies. In a 6-3 decision, the court sided with the Obama administration in keeping the subsidies. Scalia, Thomas and Alito dissented. 

Fox News and Sarah Palin are reportedly in the middle of a break-up. According to Politico, Fox News has decided to not renew the contract of the half-term Governor. 

The prosecutors weren't doing anything, so the community took action. This week they used an obscure Ohio law to make a request to a judge to review if the police involved in the shooting death of 12 year old Tamir Rice should face any charges. That was earlier this week and already the judge has found probable cause for charges of "involuntary manslaughter, reckless homicide or dereliction of duty". Now we have to wait and see if a prosecutor takes up the case, as the judge does not have the power to start charges or arrest. If not, then hopefully the state Attorney General will bring in a special prosecutor. 


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