A Very Serious Question About The Hastert Victim's Sister Interview

Today the sister of the alleged victim of Hastert's sexual abuse spoke to ABC news. In it, she said something that really leaves me wondering.

A Way For Bernie To Secure The Tech Vote

There is one issue that candidates seem to ignore, one that costs the tech world an estimated $29 billion per year. Bernie Sanders is the perfect candidate to take on this issue and right a horrible wrong.

The Supreme Court has made two rulings today, in what is to become a couple of weeks of huge decisions. The first one involves a Muslim girl that Abercrombie and Fitch refused to hire because she was wearing a black hijab. The court called the act "discrimination".

In the second case, which involves making threats online, the high court ruled that those are protected speech, unless they are "malevolent or reckless". This kind of leaves it open as lower courts will have to define what exactly is reckless or malevolent, and it's also a blow to some victims of domestic abuse. On the other hand, we are seeing more and more police going after people for posting things like "fuck the police" on their social media accounts, and this will definitely cause trouble for overzealous police and prosecutors. 

When I read the indictment against former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, yesterday one thing stuck out. The very first line talked about his time as a high school teacher and coach. Now we may know why. Two unnamed federal law enforcement officials say the payoffs relate to sexual misconduct with a male during Hastert's time at the school. This also goes with rumors I heard when Hastert was still in office about him being "in the closet". Those rumors came from a source I trust very much. 

Last week we found out that darling of the right, Josh Duggar, had a serious touching problem with his little sisters when he was a teen. Now we learn about a Tea Party leader and former "family values" candidate that has a kiddie porn problem. Last week, Jospeh Hayon, second President (whatever that is!) of the Brooklyn Tea Party was busted for trading child porn pictures through his email account. The victims were all children from 12 years old, all the way down to 2. Sick doesn't even begin to describe this.

In His Own Words, John Kasich Disparages The Troops

The possible additional occupant of the 2016 GOP clown car, Ohio Governor John Kasich, has now weighed in on the Iraq issue.

Now that it has come out that Bill and Hillary Clinton have made a living after leaving the White House, there is outrage in Washington. This has lead to a bi-partisan bill to limit expenses of former presidents. It sounds like a great idea, and is, but when you consider that for years Congress has failed to move bills forward stripping former members of their tax payer funded pensions should they leave office under expulsion or prison, then you can see that Congress really isn't worried about cutting costs, just playing their bullshit games. 

News of an interesting buyout is rocking the tech world today with news that Verizon will be buying AOL for $4.4 billion. This is also interesting news in the blog world, as Huffington Post will now be owned by a communications giant. On the tech side of things, this leaves the question of what will happen with Yahoo, who was rumored to merge with AOL a few months ago. 


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