Last week Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would ban high capacity magazines in guns. Listen to his explanation of the ban. Since it wouldn't stop all shootings all together, it wasn't worth it. This is the typical, failed logic we hear from Republicans and is a perfect example of why our nation is so broken.

He seems upset that people aren't spending more in his stores, even with more people finding jobs. If only he was in a position to change that, like by raising the wages he pays their employees, forcing other similar jobs to follow suit. If only....

While Obama Follows The Law, The Right Feeds Into Conspiracy Theories

The influx of children crossing the border into Texas, escaping the violence in Central America has sparked a new round of memory loss for the GOP.

Charles Krauthammer apparently thinks he has come up with the gotcha question on immigration. "If Fences Don't Work, Why Is There One Around The White House?" he asked Bill O'Reilly. Apparently Chuckles hasn't heard of White House fence jumpers, let alone the fact that the fence is also backed up with armed security and is much, much less an area to secure than the border. Oh and why isn't that fence completed? Well, it estimated to cost $4.1 billion to complete, which is a billion more than the annual budget for the entire border patrol. Which party runs the house that controls the purse strings???

The justices split on ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby's challenge to the contraception mandate of the Affordable Care Act. The ruling just came out, but it seems to be very narrow, specifically saying that it applies to contraceptives only and doesn't apply to publicly traded corporations. 

Some good news out of the Supreme Court today, where the justices have ruled the searching a cellphone without a warrant is a violation of the 4th amendment. You can read the opinion here.

Hillary Clinton has a bad heart!!!! That's the big headline being pushed by Drudge and other right wing sites, and is a revelation in an upcoming book by author Ed Klein. That name may be familiar to you. In 2005, Klein wrote another book on Hillary Clinton that was described as a "smear for profit" by none other than the Murdoch-owned, conservative New York Post, as well as many others on the right as well as the left. But now that Clinton is a serious risk to take the White House, suddenly the right believes in Ed Klein. 


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