The inside the beltway thinking is that this year's congressional election could be a repeat of 2010, when Republicans won by huge numbers. However, a new Gallup Poll could blow a hole in that theory. It finds the favorability rating of Democrats at 44, which doesn't seem that high, but is 10 points higher than the favorability for the GOP. Compare that to 2010, when the GOP averaged a deficit of only 2% in the same poll and it's hard to see 2010 repeating itself, especially if the Democrats can find something to motivate the base with and get them out to vote.

Mr. President, Where Do You Stand On Net Neutrality?

With net neutrality on its death bed, where is our President and Democratic leadership?

Doctor's at the Mayo Clinic have re-engineered the measles virus to hunt out cancer cells and cause them to "explode". The treatment worked on a 50 year old cancer patient, wiping out all her tumors. This is what those of us in the real world call science, and it truly is an amazing thing.

The GOP economic recipe used to be based on the notion that the more money the top earners and corporations have, the more money the people have through trickle-down. Well that hasn't worked out so well. Now we got possible 2016 GOP contender, Jeb Bush, saying that people should get off welfare and just get married to combat poverty. Apparenttly Jeb has a problem with reality, just like the rest of his party. I was thinking about this solution of Jeb's and realized I know more married couples on government assistance than non-married. 

Sure 8 million people have signed up and leaders like Obama and Pelosi (and non-leaders, like me) are pushing Democrats to run on Obamacare, but 8 million signups doesn't mean they are happy with Obamacare. Ok, I agree with that. A lot of Democrats also aren't happy with it. But you know what Americans are even less happy with? The idea of going back to the old system, where people could get kicked off of insurance after years of payments just for getting sick. When only 20% of Americans want to go back to that, then I can say the level of happiness with Obamacare greatly surpasses that of the system people like Byron York supports - a failed system that killed people.

After my earlier post, I realize I may have jumped the gun saying that repeal of Obamacare is dead. Now that I think about it, I can actually see it happening. But this won't be repeals of Obamacare the way you might think. The Affordable Care Act will still be around, but I give it only a few months before the GOP and right-wing Media start referring to it as that, The Affordable Care Act. As more and more people realize the changes and start liking what has happened, the last the the right will want is for Obama's name to be associated with it, so they will stop calling it "Obamacare". 

A new CNN poll finds that only 20% want to repeal Obamacare. Meanwhile it looks like the House GOP has all but given up on their failed attempts at repealing, after 50+ tries. Might I suggest that the Democrats take the lead here and really run on Obamacare and the good it has done for people, and remind voters of which voters thought college kids should be kicked off of insurance, or even people that get sick or have pre-existing conditions? Or that the insurance companies should be allowed to go back to pocketing the money you pay for things not related to your healthcare. Or how about having to pay for things like preventive care again? Yes, let the Democrats put the Republicans on the defensive now. If they do that, November won't look as bad as it does now.

KLAS TV in Vegas is reporting that the FBI is now investigating the militia surrounding the Bundy Ranch. I had been wondering when we would hear about this. At a minimum, the supporters out there were obstructing official business, which is a federal crime. It's going to be interesting to see where this goes. I'm just hoping one of these trigger happy militia nuts doesn't decide to open fire, or even pull a gun on a FBI agent. If that happens, then we'll see another WACO. 


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