The Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that religious rights are still a thing in this country. The case involved a Muslim prisoner in Arkansas that was forced to shave his beard to conform with religious rules. The argument was that prisoners could hide things inside their beard. That argument fell flat when it was revealed that long hair was allowed in the prison, and inmates could also hide items in that. The interesting thing with this case is that we can expect the right to go against the ruling, since this was a Muslim plaintiff, however religious freedom laws enacted by Congress were the real basis in the Supreme Court's decision. 

Obama's Plan To Fix Trickle Down Economics

Obama is excepted to announce a new tax plan at Tuesday's State of the Union, meant to help out the struggling middle class. But when you look deeper into it, you see what is really going on.

One Rapist Cop Exemplifies The Serious Lack Of Justice In Our Nation

Why should prosectures indict cops, or people trust our justice system, when we see cases like this?

The Plot To Poison Boehner

Please allow me to give my perspective on the plot to poison Boehner from a Cininnati person.

After Ohio State won the national title last night, police had to use pepper spray and tear gas to disperse the celebrations in Columbus, Ohio. There were also 90 fires reported, mostly dumpsters, trash bins and couches. I wonder when the media and our leaders will start referring to these people as "thugs". My guess is never. Instead they are just happy, celebratory types, and these actions are fine when celebrating the big win, but not when protesting the needless deaths of unarmed citizens by the hands of police. Yes America, you have a problem!

From the files of "you can't make this shit up" comes a story straight out of the Keystone Cops. In Albuquerque, New Mexico comes the tale of one police officer shooting another. The incident occurred when a regular officer confronts what he thinks is some drug dealer and shoots him, but turns out to actually be an undercover narcotics officer. This begs the question; if a police officer doesn't know how to act around his own and not get shot, then how can anyone else? 

The FBI is searching for a white male to question in what is being called a "terror bombing" outside a NAACP office in Colorado yesterday. You might be thinking "whattttt?", because there's a good chance you haven't heard about this act of domestic terrorism. It seems the larger, national media, the ones always accused of "stoking the racism card" has largely ignored this story. 

Mike Huckabee Epitomizes The Abysmal State Of Politics

With Mike Huckabee announcing he was leaving Fox News this weekend, to explore a possible presidential run in 2016, we're once again reminded of the problems with our electoral system.

I saw that and thought I had my holiday's confused, that somehow April 1st was tomorrow. Nope, Matt Drudge has been forced to admit that all the horrid things him and his fellow rightwingers have predicted over the tenure of the Obama presidency in regards to the economy were flat out wrong. You can check out the actual article here.

The daughter of Bob McDonnell, the former Republican Governor of Virginia, who was convicted of numerous charges earlier this year, has decided to lay the blame of his downfall on one person - her mother, Maureen McDonnell, the former-Governor's wife. Seems like taking responsibility for ones actions is something the Republicans love to preach, but sure as hell hate to practice. 

Now that embattled Republican Congressman Michael Grimm is talking about pleading guilty to his charges of tax evasion, discussion has turned to punishment. On MSNBC just now they were discussing that, and brought up that he could avoid jailtime, since he is a public servant. 

Hearing that, it seems to me that is what has brought us to where we are today with New York and St. Louis. Someone who serves the public doesn't appear to be held to the same standards as the public they are serving. They either get away with crimes, or face much lighter sentencing, simple because "they served the public". Know what else they did? They violated the public's trust when committing their crimes, and that right there should nullify their past service and mandate equal punishment, if not stricter. Of course how do we get this fixed, when the ones who make the laws are the ones that are protected by this practice, which can only be summed up as a miscarriage of justice?

Dish Network Proves They Are Still A Right Wing Hack Organization

Tis' the season. Gifts exchanged, drunken parties, family, friends, oh and the annual dispute between networks and carriers. The most interesting one of this season is happning right now.

Since the brutal slaying of two New York City police officers this weekend, the political rhetoric has reached new levels of disgust. I keep seeing countless on the right saying that DeBlasio is to blame and should step down because of his handling of the protests and the anger it has left with the police with the mayor. What is not mentioned is that the police have always been against DeBlasio, even when he was a candidate. DeBlasio ran on getting rid of things like "stop and frisk", which the police wanted to keep. So to say DeBlasio should resign over the police not liking him makes me wonder when our country became a government by the people, for the police? DeBlasio is there to represent every citizen of the town, not only the police, and it's time the rhetoric panderers remember that.


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