Some good news out of the Supreme Court today, where the justices have ruled the searching a cellphone without a warrant is a violation of the 4th amendment. You can read the opinion here.

Hillary Clinton has a bad heart!!!! That's the big headline being pushed by Drudge and other right wing sites, and is a revelation in an upcoming book by author Ed Klein. That name may be familiar to you. In 2005, Klein wrote another book on Hillary Clinton that was described as a "smear for profit" by none other than the Murdoch-owned, conservative New York Post, as well as many others on the right as well as the left. But now that Clinton is a serious risk to take the White House, suddenly the right believes in Ed Klein. 

I just posted this on Facebook. After spending the last 45 minutes researching some numbers, I found this to be very interesting:

  • From 2000-2012 there had been a bit over 2,000 cases of voter fraud investigated in a nation with over 130 million registered voters. That comes out to 0.00001%
  • From 2000-2012 there were 357,772 gun deaths in a nation of 300 million people. That comes out to 0.00119%

The GOP has been on a rampage since President Obama was elected, going state to state and restricting access to our right to vote. They claim they are doing so because of the problem of voter fraud and as a way to protect that right. But look at gun violence. These are only deaths I counted and there are 119 times as many cases of that as there are allegations of voter fraud. So why isn't the GOP restricting access to the right to bear arms as a way to protect the second amendment? And while on the subject, how many people have died from voter fraud? My guess is 0. Compare that to how many have died from fire arm related deaths in my numbers above. I'm not a math whiz, but I would have to say that would be, hold on let me calculate this........carry the 2.......ok.... 100%! 

When you look at it in numbers like this, then you really see just how pathetic the GOP is. I just wish more in the media would call them out like this, using these very basic numbers.


The right has had another huge conspiracy of the administration silencing them, when it was reported that Fox News was blocked in the waiting rooms of some VA facilities. Well it turns out it wasn't the Obama administration who decided this, but rather the patients themselves. Apparently numerous veterans don't like the warmongering propaganda that is Fox News. Will Fox listen to the wishes of our veterans as the VA has, or will they insist that their false outrages be pushed upon our heroes the same way Hitler pushed his Nazi propaganda upon the people of Eastern Europe. We don't know yet, but I think the answer is probably pretty clear.

The right-wing outrage right now is over the IRS losing emails from Lois Lerner and even claiming conspiracy that in this age of technology that such a thing could happen. Of course these same Republicans are the ones that cut budgets, which are needed for things like upgrading computer systems. Just last month it was reported that the IRS would have to pay money out to Microsoft to keep running XP on their systems, since the IRS hasn't been given the needed funds to upgrade from the non-supported operating system. It's also been widely known for years that the IRS only retains backups for 6 months, due to high costs. So not having an email retention system, or even prolonged backups really should come as no surprise. 

Dick and Liz Cheney have decided to write an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, in which they say how Obama is "so wrong" about so many things, especially Iraq. Since the rise of violence in Iraq, the right has been trying to squash any discussion of exactly what lead us to the war in the first place - namely the lies of people like Dick and Liz Cheney. Now that they have decided to be heard on the issue, the discussion of their advocating and promoting lies that lead to the invasion is very much on the table. Perhaps that's why some of the staunchest of conservatives have even decided to publicly tell the former VP and his daughter to STFU about the issue. 

Thom Tillis, the candidate for Senate from North Carolina, has declared that "traditional" population isn't growing. By traditional, he means white people. So African-Americans, Latinos, Indians, etc. are non-traditional? As someone of native-American decent, I will kindly give him a big "fuck you". 


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