In Oklahoma a deputy sheriff pulled his gun, thinking it was his taser. What happened next? Well you can imagine - an unarmed black man, Eric Harris, was left dead. The deputy, Robert Bates, is a volunteer. It turns out the 73 year old is actually a insurance executive, who donates money to the sheriff department just so he can play cop. Yes, the rich can no pay to go out and kill average citizens. Don't we realize just how fucked up this really is? 

Now that they are approaching the millionaire club, the owners of Memories Pizza in Indiana have reopened the door, following raising over $800,000 from crowd funding to support them through the tragedy of their hate being exposed in what can only be described as one of the most ridiculous hypotheticals anyone could make up - them getting hired to cater pizza to a gay wedding. Yes, because I'm sure gay couples everywhere would want nothing more than a pizza dinner at their wedding, served by some bigots in piss-ant Indiana. 

John Kasich, our Republican governor here in Ohio, told reporters yesterday that he is keeping all options open in 2016. Kasich could be the sleeper of 2016, plus he would most likely end up getting a lot of Fox News behind him, since they are his former employer and he comes from Roger Ailes home state. He also did something shocking a couple of weeks ago, that pleased the left. He used the line item veto in a state Transportation bill to strike a provision that would have required anyone registering to vote with an out of state ID to obtain a state ID within 30 days or face fines. That provision, put in by the Republicans in the state legislation, was viewed as a poll tax to college students, who typically lean left at the polls.

I'm losing counts on how many ways Rand Paul's campaign rollout has screwed up, but here's a new one. Turns out all those pictures of people "endorsing" Rand. Well they weren't really endorsing Rand, but rather just people who a photographer took a picture of and decided to sell said picture online. In other words, all those people are nothing more than stock photos. So remember that. Rand has people endorsing him, in the land of make believe. 

The crowd funding website has denied a request to setup a fundraiser for North Charleston police officer Michael Slager. But to those that support the shooting of unarmed blackmen in the back, don't you worry your racist little head. Another fundraising site apparently has no problem raising money off the blood of the innocent. 

Last week there was a lot of discussion about Tucker Carlson and the revelation that he forbids his writers at the Daily Caller from going after Fox news, since Tucker is employed by the network. This was met with mixed reactions. Some questioned it, since the Daily Caller is a separate entity from Fox (myself included), while others said they could understand his not wanting to attack his employer. I could even see the latter argument in that, but then the video above happened yesterday. It's Chris Matthews, attacking his employer, MSNBC, on MSNBC about their airing of right-wing attack ads. It's obvious one network supports dissent and debate, while the other tries to squash it. I much rather get my news from a network that won't silence their people, instead of the network that feels they can control their people, even off the clock. 

Rand Paul's Very Bad Day

On day one of the Rand Paul for President campaign things went, well, let's say not as well as they would have liked

Former S. Carolina GOP Director And Infamous Twitter Troll Arrested For Domestic Violence

Former leader of the South Carolina GOP and infamous Twitter troll gets nabbed for domestic violence.

Conservatives really have a funny way of showing their "personal responsibility" they always claim to hold so dear. For example, a socially conservative owner of an Indiana pizzeria voluntarily gives an interview to a local reporter, stating they would voluntarily not serve the LGBT community. So who does conservatives go after? The reporter, for doing her job. They really do hate when facts come out, disproving their conspiracies, like the on that says the Indiana bill doesn't open up discrimination. 

While Missouri has received a lot of attention over Ferguson, something else has been happening in that state that is, well, weird. Last month the Republican State Auditor, Spence Jackson, was found dead of suicide. This weekend his media director was found dead, and is being investigated as a suicide. This almost sounds like a plot to a John Grisham novel, but it is very real. 

Angie's List has announced it's cancelling expansion plans in Indiana, which cost $40 million and would have created 1,000 jobs. It's only been two days since this controversial law was signed into effect, and already the impacts on Indiana's economy are poised to be enormous. Now we just have to wait and see when the right starts calling the boycott "discrimination", which is something they are very good at. 

A Horrid Crime And The Right's Quick Turn To Blaming Islam

As investigators try to get to figure out why the co-pilot of a Germanwings jetliner crashed the plane, America's right has taken to a standard game of hate-motivated lie.

For us here in the good, ole' US of A, we are dealing with increased police brutality. But don't think we're alone in police problems. Head to the other side of the planet, to Indonesia, specifically West Jakarta, and they have police problems all their own, like when the police burn 3.3 tons of marijuana and end up getting the whole town high


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