Early this morning Texas officials released a statement that a healthcare worker at the hospital Thomas Eric Duncan was a patient has tested positive for Ebola. There isn't many details yet, meaning none really. Things I am interested in finding out include this person's actual job capacity, when this person was treating Duncan (was it after his diagnosis and quarantine, or before), and exactly how this person contracted it, given the fact that Ebola can only be caught through direct contact with bodily fluid and must have an entry point, such as a cut, mouth, eyes, etc. 

Ebola And Rick Perry's 3am Call

With the passing of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, the focus must now turned on the horribly failed response of the Texas healthcare system.

One of the NRA's favorite talking points is "well if they had a gun too". It's a way to urge more Americans to go out and buy guns, as that will some how make them safer. Well that was tried and tested by William Coleman III of Oregon. He was out, open and carrying his gun, when an armed robber came up and told him "I like your gun, now give it to me". William complied and was left open and not carrying

The Supreme Court declined to hear the appeals of same-sex marriage bans that have been previously overturned by the lower courts, essentially making gay marriage the law of the land in this country. Of course this doesn't set things in stone. Another case could uphold the ban and the Supreme Court could then decide to hear that case and rule for the ban, reversing what was done today. Seems like a lot of games to play with the lives of people that just want to get married, and also seems like a cowardly way out for the nation's highest court.

Facebook Promotes The Capture And Removal Of President Obama

A man known to make threats against the President has a new group on Facebook and Facebook thinks it is fine and dandy

There was just a shooting at a high school in Louisville, Kentucky, which left one student hospitalized and an active search on for the shooter. This follows a high school shooting in North Carolina earlier, which also left a student hospitalized and the shooter in custody. When is America going to care about the future generations and take action to stop these? They say more guns is the answer, but we have a record number of guns in this country now, and a climbing rate of these shootings. That theory has fallen flat, so it's time for new action. 

The FCC voted unanimously this morning to drop the NFL blackout rule, which dictated attendance levels at a home game in order for it to be televised. This doesn't mean it's the end of blackouts, as the greedy team owners and networks could still try to impose them, but it is a step closer. I always viewed these as one of the biggest scams out there. Most stadiums are paid for by tax dollars, to host a team that plays for a non-profit organization. If there was ever a picture perfect excuse of moochers, then you need to look no further than the National Football League.

This weekend a cop was shot in the arm while investigating a possible break-in near Ferguson. Of course this quickly evolved into the "violent protestors" from many on the right, despite this incident having nothing to do with it. But what's really troubling is the police accounts. Last night they reported that no burglary was taking place and that the officer shot did have a body cam, but it wasn't turned on. Police officials are saying they have no idea why the officer turned it off, making you wonder what kind of investigating they are doing down there.

Apparently if you want to attack the United States, then you can easily do so on the second half of an even year when Republicans control Congress, because politicking is more important than security. Just when you think the levels of idiocy out of our Republican leadership couldn't get higher, John Boehner opens his damn mouth,

It's Time To Kick People Off The Government Teet

Our country is broke and can't afford to keep supporting freeloaders, so let's make a change!

I spent most of my 20's working for various jobs that involved driving. One thing in common with all these places was a rule, if you got a DUI, even on your own time, you lost your job. That wasn't the employers, but rather the insurance companies. Yet here in Butler County, Ohio, we have a sheriff that just received a DUI. He is getting sometime off work and has to go through counseling, but he still has his job. So are tax payers footing a bill for higher insurance premiums so cops that broke the law can remain employed? It seems that at a minimum those in law enforcement should be held to the same standards as regular employees around the country.

Apparently the real NCIS is getting confused with the television show. Investigators in the Navy's prestigious investigation unit decided to do some local cop work, spying on and busting a known child pornographer. The only problem is that what they did is an enormous violation of our Constitution and even federal judges are so appalled by this that they just may let a repeat child pornographer walk free. My suggestion is that the people who decided to ignore our law and Constitution, as well as those who chose to prosecute this case, well they should get to serve out the remainder of the sentence. 

Our Crumbling Infrastructure Just Crumbled A Little More

In 2012, President Obama appeared in Cincinnati, Ohio to discuss spending on our crumbling highways and bridges. Republicans instantly called it pork, and political games, but now the reality is setting in even more.

Two high school students in Florida have been cited for what is being described as "sexting", but when you read the article that actual charges was for possession of a nude photo. So when did it become a crime to possess a nude photo, so long as the person pictured is of legal age? Seems like the thought police are out of control in the sunshine state. 

Yes, the man suing President Obama for executive action, today blasted the President for delaying executive action on immigration until after the election. Good thing John Boehner isn't a cop, or this could be looked at as entrapment.

But it doesn't stop there. Boehner said President Obama is playing "raw politics" by delaying the action, yet just 5 days ago Boehner told a group that the House wouldn't take up immigration until next year, after the election. So Boehner is blasting Obama for doing the exact thing he is. If you ever needed a definition of hypocrisy or two-faced, look no further than the Speaker of the House. 


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