Yesterday the right exploded that Donald Sterling was a Democrat. Their evidence? An article that said he donated to Grey Davis and Bill Bradley. Well the Bill Bradley one was wrong. That Donald Sterling was a junior that lived in Portland, Or. The Davis one was right, but I didn't feel that makes Sterling a Democrat. Business owners give to gubernatorial candidates in their state all the time. It's part of the campaign finance machine. But that didn't stop Drudge and the rest of the right from pushing the "Sterling is a Democrat" meme all day yesterday.

Well here we are, on a new day, and one that will again be leaving the right look like idiots. It turns out that Sterling is and has been a registered Republican since 1998. Has the right gone through and corrected the record though? Hell no. Drudge just deletes the link and the right wing blogs keep pushing their lie as is. Pretty irresponsible coming from the party of "personal responsibility". 

Following Sarah Palin's NRA speech yesterday, in which she compared torture to baptism, the right has now shunned their once darling. Rod Dreher at the American Conservative calls the speech "awful", then Patrick Brennan at the National Review is going after her for comparing water boarding to baptism, saying a Christian like Palin should know better. What's most interesting about this is that The American Conservative and National Review Online both have a long history of supporting torture. Sounds like this is becoming a Cliven Bundy type deal, where they are just looking for a reason to shun crazies they used to support.

BREAKING: Michael Grimm Indicted

Rep. Michael Grimm (R-Staten Island) has just been handed a 20 count indictment ranging from avoiding taxes to hiring illegal immigrants.

Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) made fame earlier this year when he threatened to throw a reporter off the balcony of the House. The reasoning for the violent outburst was because of questions the reporter asked about a federal probe into Grimm's campaign finances. Well now the feds have just thrown him off the balcony, by indicting him on charges related to campaign finances. Of course Grimm is taking the usual Republican defense of "it's a political attack". Yeah, because all Republicans are so innocent.

(UPDATE: The indictment hasn't actually come out yet, but Grimm's attorneys have said it is coming)

The RNC communications director is upset that his party has been lumped in with Bundy. Funny that I don't remember the media pushing Republicans to praise Bundy or fly out there to stand by his side. Of course maybe the whole identity politics thing really isn't that great. And perhaps the RNC should think twice before they jump into the identity attacks.

Racist rancher, Cliven Bundy, the now former hero of the right, has again doubled-down on his racist comments, blaming MLK for people being offended by what he spewed. Apparently the man has no sense of personal responsibility. He has used land that is not his to feed his cattle and fatten his wallet. Now he blames the greatest civil rights hero of our nation's history for him making racist comments. Perhaps the right will find a way to rebrand him and run him for President. 

Remember bowgate, the outrage exhibited by the right when Obama would bow to other world leaders? Yeah it's been a few years, but now the right has found a way to make it live again, this time with President Obama bowing to a robot. Perhaps this was the missing start to The Matrix, of how the machines actually took over?

Through all the bull of the so called IRS scandal, one thing has stuck out in my mind. It's when Darrell Issa wouldn't allow records of progressive groups being targeted to be discussed. He even told his staff he only wanted records of conservative groups that were targeted. Well that makes for a very biased investigation and now through a Freedom of Information Request, Think Progress has obtained records showing that progressive groups were actually targeted more aggressively than conservative. Something about pesky facts comes to mind.


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