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How The Right Is Using Tim Scott

While the nation celebrated a milestone in civil rights history, the right has decided to turn that celebration into a false call of discrimination while using the only African American currently serving in the Senate.

Is Grover Over?

The GOP Civil War Has Started

Exit Polls Reveal Big Problems For The GOP

As Isaac Nears, GOP Goes Into Full "Blame Obama" Mode

The GOP's Materialistic Candidates

Lindsey Graham - Economic Terrorist!

Romney's Latest Tax Defense Rivals Schoolyard Tactics

According To Republicans Obama Became President In 2007

Another Right Wing Lie That People Need Reminded Of

Mitt Romney In His Own Words!

John McCain Fuels The Flames Over Illegal Immigration

Newt Is More Like McCain Than You Think!

Rick Santorum Doesn't Believe John McCain Understands Torture

FLASHBACK: In 2008 John McCain Blasted Obama For Saying He Would Hunt Osama Into Pakistan


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